BCI: Science&Practice is the only annual international conference in Russia with the focus on direct brain-machine interaction.

Since October 2015 every year it is organized by Samara State Medical University and IT Universe Ltd in Samara, where a wide range of healthcare technologies, including brain-computer interfaces, virtual reality and other modern hi-tech applications are developed . The conference is supported by Department of Information Technologies of Samara Region and Neuronet Industrial Union. The organizing and program committees members are leading scientists, representatives of state and non-commercial organizations, innovative companies.

The 2019 conference’s special topic was “Artificial Intelligence for healthcare, neurophysiology and BCI”.  Conference agenda included a whole-day plenary session,  a panel discussion, several symposiums and workshops and three scheduled poster sessions. More than 1000 people attended  conference events on 3-5 October 2019. The proceeding were accepted for publication in eLIBRARY and will be indexed in RINC.

The invited plenary talks were given by:

Tonio Ball (University of Freiburg, Germany), Andrzej Cichocki (Skoltech, Russia / RIKEN AIP, Japan), Alexander Kaplan (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia), Mikhail Lebedev (Duke University, USA/ NRU HSE, Russia), Fabien Lotte (INRIA, France), Lee Miller (Northwestern University, USA), Vadim Nikulin (Max Planck Institute, Germany), Alexey Ossadtchi (NRU Higher School of Economics, Russia), Tomasz Rutkowski (RIKEN AIP/University of Tokyo, Japan), Sergei Shishkin (NRC Kurchatov Institute, Russia), Surjo Soekadar (University of Tuebingen / Charité – University Medicine Berlin, Germany), Thorsten Zander (TU Berlin, Germany).

This year we also hosted a satellite conference VR Technologies for Medical and Social Rehabilitation and three satellite events: a premier show of a documentary Brain.Evolution featuring conference’s speakers, public lectures of world leading scientists and Neurothlon 2019 competition.

Unfortunately, we had to close registration before deadline due to very high number of registrants and limited venue space. For those were not able to register, we organized the LIVE stream on our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFC93wf7t9vxSf0nvBSZo9A. On the same channel we publish videos of talks and simposiums. Please feel free to subscribe and not miss the new video releases.

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BCI: Science and Practice conference goals are:

  • reports of the state-of-the-art scientific results and innovation of non-invasive and invasive brain-computer interfaces and related technologies and methods,
  • communication and discussion among science, industry and healthcare leading experts, development of effective international collaboration,
  • education and involvement of young researchers,
  • popularization of the brain-computer interfacing technologies among medical practitioners, industrial experts, patients and caregivers,
  • support of NeuroNet Roadmap of the National Technological Initiative.

Most advanced scientific laboratories present their reports on invasive and non-invasive tools for recording electrical signals of the central neural system, their mathematical processing, transmitting information directly to the brain, advanced rehabilitation technologies, virtual reality healthcare applications, artificial neural networks and machine learning technologies, the emerging neuromarkets and many others.

For specific requests please email  Organizing Committee



The 2018 conference agenda  was further optimized to fit high international standards and enable more intensive communication. The two day scientific program (11 – 12 October)  included keynote and plenary lectures of leading scientists, panel talks and round tables, an extended poster session, innovative rehabilitation equipment demonstrations and excursions.

Watch this short video about BCI Samara 2018.

The conference proceedings were published in eLIBRARY.RU and cited in Russian Index of Scientific Citations.

The two special topics in 2018 were ARTIFICIAL VISION and MODERN MOTOR REHABILITATION. Other topics included the whole range of brain-computer and brain-machine interfacing, and related areas, such as virtual reality  and robotics in medicine, clinical trends in physiotherapy and many others.

BCI: Science and Practice. Samara 2018  plenary speakers were:

Xing Chen (Netherland Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam),  Doron Friedman (Interdisciplinary Center Herzlia, Israel), Alexander Frolov (RAS Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology, Moscow), Alexander Kaplan (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow), Mikhail Lebedev (Duke University, USA), Alexey Ossadtchi (Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia), Eugene Tunik (Northeastern University, Boston), Junichi Ushiba (Keio University, Yokohama).

The conference was organized by:

Members of organizing and program committees were leading scientists, representatives of government, public and non-commercial organizations, innovation companies.

The conference has been included into the event list of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation  and was supported by:

Satellite events on Saturday, 13th October  were organized by NeuroNet Industry Union  and Think, Samara! group and included Neurothlon competition and series of popular lectures from the world leading neuroscientists.

Moments of the conference

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2015 - 2017


More than 300 participants attended the conference in Samara State Medical University  12 and 13 October of 2017.

The agenda included leading Russian and foreign scientists and experts among reporters:

Sliman Bensmaia (University of Chicago, USA), Doron Friedman (Interdisciplinary Center Herzlia, Israel), Alexander Frolov (Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of  Russian Academy of Science), Alexander Kaplan (Moscow State University, Russia), Mikhail Lebedev (Duke University, USA), Aleksei Ossadtchi (National research university HSE, Moscow, Russia), Maria Victoria Sanchez-Vives and Melvin Slater (ICREA – University of Barcelona), Sergei Shishkin (NRC Kurchatov Institute, Russia), Surjo Soekadar (Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology, Germany) and others.

A number of poster reports were presented, discussion panels dedicated to  brain-machine interfaces practical application gained large interest form professional community.

The conference proceedings were published at eLIBRARY.RU  and cited in Russian Science Citation Index. The event attracted wide media attention.  The video record of plenary section available on BCI: Science and Practice video channel.

Traditional reception dinner with jazz piano accompaniment from conference participants Dmitry Makhlin and Sliman Bensmaia was even more joyful then last year.

The conference was organized by:

The organizing and program committees included leading scientists, representatives of state and non-commercial organizations, innovative companies.

The conference was included into the event list of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation  and supported by:

Moments of the conference

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Eventful conference took place at Samara State Medical University from 13 to 14 of October, 2016.

Conference included 20 reports and 2 discussion panels. The lecturers were famous scientists from Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Russia and the USA.

The first day was crowned by the gala dinner remembered for improvised jazz jam between trio leaded by Nicolay Machkasov and Sliman Bensmaia, professor of the University of Chicago. It could be interesting to notice that at this particular moment US President Barack Obama was shaking a robotic hand  at the University of Pittsburgh. This hand was connected to a brain of a paralyzed person who could control it and had a tactile sense. Professor Bensmaia and his lab greatly contributed to this achievement.

The next day a sight-seeing tour around Samara was set up. After that the participants visited the Center for Advanced Studies and Technology Park of the Samara State Medical University.

The conference agenda  was of high intension. Fundamental neuroscience and brain-machine interface issues were discussed. Problems of biologic signals mathematical analysis, breakthrough achievements in medical and social rehabilitation of central neural system affliction, control of complex systems by “the power of thought” were also covered.

More than 300 participants represented:

  • Universities and Institutes, health facilities from different cities of Russia.
  • Rectorate, chairs and faculties of Samara State Medical University
  • NeuroNet Industrial Union
  • Skolkovo Foundation
  • Deaf-blind Support Fund So-Edinenie (Co-nnection)
  • Technology Opportunities Non-Commercial Organization
  • Defense industry medical product manufacturers association
  • Government of Samara region

Conference proceedings were published in “Science and innovations in medicine” magazine

The conference was organized by:

Moments of the conference

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The first international conference BCI: Science & Practice was held in Samara from 25 to 26 September of 2015. Despite narrow event focus the audience counted more than 120 individuals from different regions of Russia.

Talks on retrospective and prospective of brain-computer interfaces applications, actual problems of their development and use, social and medical aspects, mathematical and technological issues were included in the program. Audience – researchers, doctors, postgraduates, students, engineers, programmers  – reacted on the reports with live interest  and asked lots of questions.

 The scientific part included plenary meeting on the first day and sessions on the second day. 12 reports were made by experts from Austria, Russia and the USA. The informal discussion continued at the gala dinner.

On Saturday, September 26  guests visited the Center for Advanced Studies of Samara State Medical University, university clinics, city places of interest.

The conference was organized by:

Moments of the conference

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