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BCI Samara and Samara Neuroweek 2020 .





The Samara NeuroWeek is officially closed – but not finished!

On October 11, you can join our live streams at 15:00 GMT+4  to watch presentations of the BR41N.IO hackathon projects and to know the winners

in Zoom  and on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFC93wf7t9vxSf0nvBSZo9A)

Looking forward to meeting you in 2021 !












Where? In 2020 BCI Samara 2020 and Samara Neuroweek 2020 are mostly online – so it is very easy to take part in them.

We have also made a virtual space for you – and hope you will like it.

When? 7 – 9 October 2020 7 – 11 October 2020
Why? Involved in neuroscience or neurotechnology and  would like to know exciting things first-hand?


BCI Samara is one of the best places to meet your colleagues, including most famous neuroscientists.

Interested in neuroscience and neurotechnology and would like to expand your knowledge and network? Here for you:

What? Please take a look at the Agenda. Please take a look at the Timetable.
Who? We are very proud of each of more than 60 speakers and among them – most famous neuroscientists. Be sure: you’ll meet many people who are keen on neurotech, BCI and neuroscience
How much? It is now free, and we return all the money we got from you as a registration fee.  The good news is – it is all was and will be free.
How? For  participation in BCI Samara 2020 you now can choose from Zoom (to ask questions, participate in symposia, workshops, visit Neurobar etc), and Facebook or Youtube (just to watch the broadcast).

To receive email reminders you can register FREE OF CHARGE – but make sure you mail settings allow you receive  emails from our domain bcisamara.com

Samara NeuroWeek 2020 consists of many events, but participation is pretty simple – almost everything will be broadcast on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

If you are registered for BCI Samara we will send you reminders about the events.

Since 2015, BCI: Science & Practice (also known as BCI Samara) – the only scientific conference in Russia focused on brain-computer interfaces – is held annually by Samara State Medical University and IT Universe Ltd.

For 5 years BCI Samara has become a well-known place for the exchange of information on the latest achievements of neuroscience. This year dates are 7 – 9 October 2020 – please mark in your calendar.

Every year more and more events take place around the conference, so in 2020 it was decided to combine them all in the format of the Samara International Week of Neuroscience and Neurotechnology (Samara Neuroweek 2020).

Samara NeuroWeek 2020 takes place from 7 to 11 October and includes activities for participants of different ages, occupations and knowledge levels, united by a common interest in the development of neurotechnology and neuroscience.

Most of the events in 2020 will be held online.

In the Timetable below the red borders outline the events that will be broadcast online for everyone on our Facebook page (in English) and YouTube channel (in Russian). We recommend those are going to see the free broadcast to register  for BCI Samara 2020 with a Free Online Streaming option – to receive email reminders about all the NeuroWeek events and not miss any important talk. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the page or the channel mentioned above.

All scientific events are also available in Zoom :

✅ participate in workshops and symposia of two conferences

✅ ask questions to speakers

✅ chat during the talks

✅ get proceedings and available slides

✅ socialize with speakers and peers in an online NeuroBar.

🧠 For detailed information about the BCI Samara 2020 conference please visit its section on our website.

🧠 The online conference Neuroscience for Cognitive Health and Healthy Longevity is organized by Skoltech’s Center for Neurobiology and Brain Restoration and Healthnet Infrastructure Center and will be available to participate for all BCI Samara 2020 registered attendees.

🧠 The BR41N.IO Samara 2020 hackathon is being organized at company gtec own Zoom stream.  Some hackathon parts will be broadcast on our channels.

🧠 The online Olympiad on Neurophysiology for medical students (in Russian) is being organized by Samara State Medical University and needs pre-registration to participate.

🚩The Virtual Exhibition space that includes neurotech companies’ booths and BCI Samara 2020 posters’ stands will be open to the public for one year from 7 October 2020, however the exhibitors  and the poster reporters will attend their booths and stands for videochatting with visitors only during the time slots indicated in the Timetable below.

🎬The FANK contemporary documentary festival screenings will be organized offline in one of the buildings of the Samara State Medical University for pre-registered viewers.

🎈10 October on 20-00 Samara time (GMT+4) begins an Award ceremony for winners of NeurotechCup, Neurophysiology Olympiad and competition for the best poster. BR41N.IO Ceremony is planned on 11 October at 17:30 Samara time.

🍷The online Neurobar from NeuroTechX (18+) will be accessible  with a password for “full” registered  BCI Samara participants and speakers at one of the Virtual Exhibition booths, or by an email link.

📆For more details please see the Timetable below and visit Samara NeuroWeek section of this website.

BCI Samara and Samara Neuroweek 2020. Timetable .

(Detailed agenda of BCI Samara 2020 conference is available here )

Events outlined in red will be streamed on Facebook.

Here you can see the NeuroWeek timetable in pdf

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